What does our name mean?

Our name is actually what we do:

Conceive and share methods to protect congregations from physical and psychological harm.

We are our brother’s keeper.

Being interested in being interested ensures you will never be bored. This is my approach to life and as you can imagine, I wonder about many things. Company names are one of those intriguing issues in my life. I often see company names and wonder how the owner settled with the identifying word(s). With that thought, I decided to explain our name, PH Congregation Protection Concepts.

You would automatically think the “PH” is my initials but that would show a lack of creativity. It would also be very vain. Actually the “PH” is derived from PH Balance. The PH means potential hydrogen and it is a scale used to measure the acidity and alkaline in a substance. Neutral is defined as 7 on the 0 to 14 scale. Our effort is to produce 7s in all worship gatherings. The settling should be a perfect balance between protection and peace of mind, welcoming, and security. We understand the God-centric nature of the church and as our name represents, we will not forget our reason for being.

A church is a building where religious services take place but the church is the congregation. The group of people assembled for worship. We are a people protection service company utilizing executive protection methodology. Our goal is to provide a mental “PH” level of security so that congregation participants are able to worship without seeing security or wondering if they are secure.

Protection is the act of protecting while simultaneously creating the state of being protected. One cannot be accomplished without the other. What we do and how you feel about it is inseparable. We advocate “Prevent through planning and if required, resolve through preparation”.

Concept, in Latin, is “conceptum” and when translated means something conceived. Our thought is to protect congregations from physical harm and the psychological impairment associated with not feeling safe.

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