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We are a protection training company. Our services are offered to religious organizations and Congregations. We offer interactive, entertaining and practical information through on-site presentations, seminars and keynote addresses.

For Places of worship, our concern is mitigating violence or the precursors to violence. People attempting to pursue religious or spiritual beliefs should not be subject to violence and the threat of violence from a person who has a distorted personal reality.

We specialize in helping congregations establish congregation protection teams and internal threat recognition networks to discover, assess, investigate and resolve situations caused by someone displaying concerning behaviour. On-site presentations are one to one and a half hours in duration and seminars are approximately four hours. Printed educational material is provided at all events.

Our speaking service is designed to help bridge the gap between the Police and African American Communities, in addition to other minority communities. We can also help minority communities and activist organizations understand the policing culture. In these times of change, Mr. Houlsen's unbiased advice and expertise can help alleviate tension between his life's two greatest influences, the Police and the African American/Minority community.

If your event requires a triad perspective about policing, justice and African American communities, contact Paul to address your audience. In addition to understanding the American black community, he spent thirteen years living in West African and Caribbean countries. During that decade plus, he worked for, with and lead officers from 70 different countries; gaining a unique global policing and race understanding.