National violence is at an all-time high with nearly 4000 people being killed during simple augments. Since school started in August, there has been 16 campus shootings. The FBI reports that hate crimes have surged to a 12 year high. Race, religion and sex orientation are the leading categories. 2021 has already produced 15 mass workplace shooting where 4 or more people were killed. Domestic violence claimed 2000 lives last year and the numbers are higher this year. This information was collected from law enforcement and non-profit organizations.

Church congregations are starting to gather in Houses of Worship again due to ever increasing vaccination rates. Unfortunately, like schools and workplaces, violence will find its way into worship. Please be proactive and organize your member to protect themselves.

Our course catalog link is below. We would love to work with you and your congregation.

PH Congregation Protection Catalog 2021/2022