On August 8, 2021, a female entered the Amity Missionary Baptist Church, located on St Stephen road in Mobile AL, armed with a weapon. She aimed the weapon at a male she knew. The male attempted to disarm her and was shot. During the struggle for the weapon, the female was shot also. The incident occurred of the 100th anniversary of the church.

Mass shootings garner all of the headlines but shootings and acts of violence like the one described above are more common. Domestic violence is often the precipitance. In most instance, being armed can end the situation limiting injury and loss of life but a gun will not prevent the incident.

The church is a place for people to gather for worship and fellowship. Through worship and fellowship, church leadership must endeavor to discover any personal situations that could potentially endanger the congregation.

How many churches have a similar situation brewing within the congregation now and at the next gather someone will be seriously injured or killed? At PH Congregation Protection, we strive for a holistic approach to church protection.

We know there are situations when only a trained armed member of the congregation can help and we offer training for those individuals. Also, we place a lot of emphasis on developing detection methods to learn about the situation before it matures into incidents.

Violence across the country is increasing and the church is not immune. Do not allow these detectable situation take the life of a church member or visitor.

Resolve the internal threat through preparation.

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