It is imperative for every church to have a Congregation Protection Network to report concerning behaviour. Concerning behaviour can be witnessed in Sunday School, Bible Study, Couple ministries and many counseling situations. Concerning information can be shared by a friend in the church who knows about another member concerning situation. The church should have a method of collecting this information. The corporate world collects this information through the Human Resources Department. This concept in not law enforcement specific.

Church counseling situations can be formal or informal with the counselor's abilities ranging from someone to talk with; up to a terminal degree holder . If a client or person experiencing a life crisis is a threat to themselves or another person or the person is endangering someone who is unable to protect themselves, like a child, that information can be shared. The counselor is obligated and has a duty to warn.

Congregation Protection will rarely involve a pistol. Contact me anytime and together we can work towards a safe worship environment.

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