If your church has a security team or if you are thinking about organizing one, will your philosophy be protection or reaction. I founded and operated a company in West Africa that provided close protection throughout the region. Our first priority was protection. It is easier to avoid a situation than to escape one.

Most church teams are reactionary even though action is scientifically quicker than reaction. In the below video, the entire shooting incident is less than six seconds. The male was able to point and kill two church members and fire a third round. The church security team leader's reaction was near flawless. He presented his weapon and closed the distance; ultimately eliminating the threat with one well place shot. Other CCW members of the church quickly arrived with weapons drawn.

With perfect reaction by the team leader and accurate shooting, the suspect's action was deadly. Could the church members have reacted quicker? Could they have done something, at that moment, that would have changed the outcome? The answer is, "No". Most people attending church have never been faced with a life and death situation involving a person aiming a gun at them but they have seen a person that seemed out of place. The shooter was out of place that morning. He was wearing an overcoat and fake beard. He had reportedly interacted with church leadership.

This was not a tactical failure. It was a philosophical failure. I don't believe the team understood how to resolve the situation. They were not sure how to manage this out of place individual and the lack of direction was devastating. The tactical success is because of a specially training man who has a law enforcement background. He owns a shooting range and is a firearms instructor.

We believe prevention through planning and if required, resolve through preparation. Using a firearm is a last resort for the trained and a desperate act for the untrained.

Contact me anytime so we can prevent the claim " It was unpreventable".

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