Humans are emotional beings. Emotion can often override reason and logic. The thin line between a mental health crisis and an emotional eruption are almost indistinguishable by a fellow church member. The technical difference is that a person experiencing a mental health crisis is a threat to themselves or others. What is the situation in the video?

The male in the video is obviously upset and actually punches one of his colleagues. He stalks the church displaying very threatening and aggressive behaviour. Several members of the congregation attempted to talk to him but he chased them away. It seems he is more upset than threatening.

Something triggered his reaction but I do not believe this man is acting out of character. This type of aggressive behaviour has probably been displayed before but no action was taken. These types of personalities are in every congregation and members of the safety team must be able to detect and prevent such an emotional eruption or be able to deescalate the situation.

Managing this type of person and situation must be planned and rehearsed by church leadership and the members of the protection team. The key to deescalating is to understand that the person is having an internal crisis that is being projected. A positive personal verbal intervention is the first step followed by de-escalation protocol.

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