Domestic violence is an ever present silent detectable threat. In Mobile Al, a church elder shot his wife as she exited the church after she had just delivered the sermon. The husband shooter led police on a short pursuit. He returned to the church parking lot and committed suicide. His wife survived.

Statically, 40 to 50 percent of the couples in any congregations will end in divorce or separation. Most marriages will end with the male engaging is some type of intimidation or criminal activity such as stalking, harassment, or vandalism. Husbands are assaulting and murdering wives and intimate partners at alarming rates in the United States.

At a Congregation Protection "Threatening Situations Endangering Congregation" presentation, a Pastor shared an interesting situation. A husband wanted to kill his wife and planned to do it at church on Sunday. The husband called the Pastor and told him his intentions. The Pastor's action were to inform his protection team of the threat and to be on the "lookout" for an angry male. During Sunday's service, the male never arrived at the church. The wife was never told about the call nor did the protection team have a description of the husband.

How would you or your pastor handle this type of situation? If you have a plan, outstanding. If not, contact me anytime for a presentation or seminar. This threat is closer than you think.

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