The first amendment of the US Constitution restricts governmental involvement in religion. This is why there is so little specific training for churches by law enforcement. They do not want their expertise to be seen as favoring one religion over another or one group of worshippers over another. Unlike cities, schools and other organizations, churches are not required to participate in Uniform Crime Reporting. Therefore only major incidents that required police intervention are ever publicized but in reality, genuine and potentially dangerous situations are regularly occurring in churches across the country.

Domestic situations in church are not uncommon. This situation forces an officer to enter the church to enforce a court order concerning child custody. Again, the clip does not show how the officer entered to church and started to speak with the girl. Did the father point he child out through the window? Did the officer have a picture? Did the officer enter the church and someone directed her? The officer was very professional. The Pastor who is also the girl Grandfather eventually told the officer she could not enter the church. Of course the Pastor was talking to what the officer represented and not the person in the uniform. The Pastor was projecting his emotions but the officer did not return them.

Accepting that these type of incidents are occurring, the church must be able to liaise with the police. The congregation protection team leader or a designated member of leadership should have spoken with the officer. Then that person should have relayed the situation to the pastor in the presence of the officer. The incident could not have been managed without emotion but it could have been managed with the projection of emotion.

Congregation Protection teams are there to protect the congregation and the worship environment.

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