Paul in Police Uniform Copy

If you are planning an event related to Policing and Race Relations, Mr. Houlsen's perspectives are enlightening. He speaks from practical hands on Municipal, State and International policing and living as an African American in the United States and abroad, behind the Police badge.

A dynamic African American and Law Enforcement speaker with a life time Black and over thirty years of policing experience, Paul is able to explain the Police and African American community landscapes with precise detail, humour and dual perspectives. Police and African American qualities are equal component in his life.

In these times of change, Mr. Houlsen's unbiased advice and expertise can help alleviate tension between his life's two greatest influences, the Police and the African American/Minority community.

Paul's personal life is the other side of the coin. He has experienced and suffered many triumphs and hardships. Through living life as a member of the world's village, he has been moulded and inspired by many people and places. His verbal expressions can be the spark you need to start or the wind you need to fan the fire of your dream; regardless of your age, race, affiliations or beliefs.


B-CP01-21 Why Policing White and African American Communities Appear Different

B-YS02-21 Why Were You Stop?

B-UF03-21 Understanding Use of Force

B-WW04-21 What's wrong with American Policing?

B-BC05-21 Become Complete

B-TC06-21 The Chatter

B-CR07-21 Possibilities and Improbabilities of Police Reform

B-TS08-21 Threatening Situations Endangering Congregations

B-PT09-21 Establishing a Congregational Protection Team

B-PN10-21 Establishing a Congregation Protection Network

B-CR11-21 Congregation Protection Team Tactical Consideration and Resolutions

B-PP12-21 Personal Protection for Church Officials

B-FM13-21 Foreign Mission Travel and Security